Author: Shannon Gonzenbach

Events “The Role of Humanities in a Time of Pandemic”

“The Role of Humanities in a Time of Pandemic”

Epidemics and pandemics cause us to reevaluate different facets of healthcare, health inequities, as well as health access. Through listening to individuals’ lived experiences during these outbreaks, humanities scholars argue healthcare practices gain greater insights and deeper understandings of the communities and people behind them. In April of 2021, the Global Health Humanities initiative at …

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Events “Frontline Workers’ Stories During COVID-19” Webinar Series

“Frontline Workers’ Stories During COVID-19” Webinar Series

The Global Health Humanities Initiative hosted a multi-part webinar series focused on how Health Humanities can engage the stories emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fall 2020 semester focused on the stories and experiences of frontline workers. Speakers addressed such topics as training challenges in the health professions, emotional and physical burnout, and priorities in …

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Coronavirus Blog Coronavirus Blog

Coronavirus Blog

Health Humanities during COVID-19 The Health Humanities is the study of the intersection of health and humanistic disciplines (such as philosophy, religion, literature), fine arts, as well as social science research that gives insight to the human condition (such as history, anthropology, sociology, and cultural studies.) (*Adapted from the National Library of Medicine’s definition for Medical …

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